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Original Music


For a teenager growing up in the harsh Nevada desert, the drug of 
choice is methanphetamines and the music of choice is heavy metal.
I was fortunate enough to avoid drug addiction but the loud, 
disgusting guitar tones of local punk and metal bands was in my 
blood for good and any other life plans were immediately discarded 
by the age of 15 when I picked up a guitar for the first time. My 
musical taste has expanded but the idea that inspired me to play 
music in the first place, the possibility of creating something that will 
make people stop and take notice, still burns brightly. I write music 
because its all I have. I’m all in and I will not stop.
I’ve scored several independent short films and written for several 
production libraries (Universal,  ImagemBASE Productions,  
Scorekeepers Hens TeethElias Arts) and cable 
networks (National Geographic, A&E, VH1, E!, Discovery, Animal 
Planet, Oprah Winfrey Network). Please feel free to email with any 

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