Special Thanks

Cut To Create would like to extend a special thanks to the following distinguished individuals for their generous support.

Kenneth Aidekman
Sharon Brenner 
James Chenoweth 
Michael Decoteau 
Randy Evans 
Stanley Fahn
Neal Ficker 
Cathy Jankovic 
Joseph Jankovic
23andMe INC.
Ceregene INC.
Francene Weingast

Marcia Katz
Mr. Reuben B. Klamer 
Yuqing Li 
Richard London 
Alex Luster 
Morgan Novy 
Valerie Novy
Vikki Pasternak
Ian Edwards
Mark Skoog/ E Builders Inc
Nancy Jacobson
Linda Godwin
Arieta June Keith

Steve Radtke
Richard and Laurie
Sherri Tanner 
Francene Weingast
Sheryl Kadmon
Bea Pardo
Sarah King
Steve Perry
Houston Area Parkinsons Society
Gary M Abbott
Mind Science Foundation
Charlene Black
Steven Abbott
Kay Brotherton
John R. Drew

Cut To Create gratefully welcomes gifts of any amount and acknowledges all donors as Friends of The Astronaut’s Secret. Friends will receive frequent communications from the Cut To Create and recognition throughout the year as members of the community of donors who support and drive forward research, leadership, and innovation within the Parkinson’s community.

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